By Friends

Silenc - How much of a language is silent? What does it look like when you take the silence out?

by Momo Miyazaki, Kenneth A. Robertsen, Manas Karambelkar

What the Phonics - a little intervention in the streets of Copenhagen.

by Momo Miyazaki, Andrew Spitz

From A to B - What happens when you send something by mail? A look behind the scenes.

by Ruben Van Der Vleuten

Flying - An app for all your air travel.

by Andrew Spitz, Markus Schmeiduch , Katie Kindinger and the rest of the awesome flying team

Frijlets - Audio controls that live in your refrigerator.

by Drew Stock, Inbal Lieblich, Umesh Janardhanan

What Line is it Anyway? explores the way people interpret an adjective through the simple task of drawing a line.

by Andrew Spitz, Umesh Janardhanan - Browse through your audio listening history

by Razan Sadeq, Zubin Pastakia, Hideaki Matsui

Thought Drop - An in-car communication service that enables people to drop off and pick up
location based messages and reminders.

By Zubin Pastakia, Sara Krugman, Ruben Van Der Vleuten

Fickle - The Extra Energy Efficient Lamp.

by Hideaki Matsui, Drew Stock